• Intelligent Consulting Solutions

    Achieving the best business results in many cases depends on the intelligent application of technology. Intergen offers a cost-effective consulting approach to satisfy an array of software engineering and IT solutions.

  • Software Engineering Solutions

    Intergen provides Software Engineering and IT Solutions, for a diverse group of industries, including high-tech, manufacturing, healthcare, aerospace, defense, telecommunications, financial and business services.

  • Intergen IT Staffing Solutions

    Intergen offers highly experienced IT professionals skilled in virtually all software technologies and hardware platforms. Our services span multiple areas of expertise, technologies and skills. And we offer flexible service options to suit your needs.

  • Helping you reach your goals

    Intergen delivers solutions that meet or exceed your goals. From proof-of-concept design to development and testing to production support, you can rely on our expertise. Our services span multiple areas of expertise, technologies and skills and we offer flexible service options to suit your needs.

  • Partnership Development

    Intergen has embraced the concept of a single point of contact relationship, achieved significant success in developing long-term business partnerships with our Clients.

Software Configuration Management

CM Assessment, Recommendation and Implementation of CM Tool sets

PLM Software

Design, Delivery, and Implementation of Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) Solutions.

Custom Software Development

Custom-built Solution to your Specifications using Intergen Three Stage Engagement Methodology.

Intelligent Consulting Solutions for the Twenty-First Century

Change is the one thing you can count on in the IT industry.  Let Intergen become a trusted partner and provide you with outstanding IT solutions.  This will allow you to focus on core activities, develop internal staff, reduce overhead, staffing flexibility and operational control. You can manage your business and gain that competitive edge and we will manage your technology.

Why Us

Intergen is committed to providing a high level of service.  We value our client’s and their needs and provide quality services. .

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